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And Art Gallery

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Gail Prpick

In the small prairie town of Davidson, on the wide old Main Street, in the old brick bank is And Art Gallery. Gail Prpick, the host and artist in residence (it’s her home), is primarily self-taught and works mainly in acrylic. Gail’s paintings often have a rural influence with a contemporary edge.

There are currently nine other artists showing at the gallery in this century old building. These artists offer an unusual mix of abstract, figurative, landscape, and still-life works in watercolour, batik, oil, acrylic and ink. The current artists include Sharron Schoenfeld, Don Schoenfeld, Paige Mortensen, Janice Moser, Kayte Shearwood, Laura Hamilton, Donna Petit, Sandra Knoss, Daryl Sweet, Cathy Palmer and Gail Prpick.

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