Bill Philpott Art

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Bill is a contemporary expressive folk artist. “I was raised on Butte Lee Farms on the butte west of Central Butte Saskatchewan. My parents were known worldwide within the purebred cattlemen’s community. I create my art from the perspective of living in the shadow of the famous cattleman and his wife.”

“I paint oil paintings about the lifestyle of rural Saskatchewan people and landscape of the southern prairies. I fill my paintings with stories and atmosphere, how the people interact with the weather, the land, sky and the relentless wind. Then I tell the story of the farmer with his eyes on his business day by day within the prairie menagerie, working with his animals, his equipment, his farmstead and the land.”

“I spent my life living on the farm as a child and later watching my dad’s business as an adult. I have a bird’s-eye view. Many of my scenes look like they were observed from a flying drone. My painting is full of power and energy. I use pure color and then I pull it down in intensity with the multiple colors I add into the mix.”

This year, Bill has decided to show at the Elbow Harbor Golf Community Centre. You can contact him year-round at his home in Central Butte.


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