1-day Trail

Big sky country doesn’t get much prettier than this. Plan for a full day as you traverse from Davidson west to Elbow, to the waters of Lake Diefenbaker and beyond. Choose from 22 fascinating venues along the way. Studios, galleries and even a lovely prairie winery await!

Distances within the tour:

Outlook to Elbow: 80km
Elbow to Davidson: 58km
Elbow to Tugaske: 40km
Tugaske to Riverhurst via Central Butte: 53km
Riverhurst to Outlook via Macrorie: 80 km plus ferry ride (25 minutes)

*Riverhurst Ferry: Leaves the east shore on the hour (Riverhurst side) and leaves the west shore on the half hour.

Total distance without Davidson: 250km

The Grand Circle Tour 2 days

Saskatoon to Outlook on Hwy219/15: 95km
Regina to Outlook on Hwy 11/15: 234km
Moose Jaw to Davidson on Hwy19/44: 58km
Moose Jaw to Elbow Hwy 2/42/367/19: 122km
Regina to Davidson on Hwy 11: 145km