1/2-day Trail 1

Do the loop! With a number of wonderful venues to explore in Outlook, Broderick and Macrorie, you will do a circle tour past Gardiner Dam, through Danielson Provincial Park and across the beautiful South Saskatchewan River. With as many as 14 stops along the way, you may decide to slow down and smell the clover. Why not make it a full day’s ArtVenture!

Distances within the tour:

Outlook to Elbow: 80km
Elbow to Davidson: 58km
Elbow to Tugaske: 40km
Tugaske to Riverhurst via Central Butte: 53km
Riverhurst to Outlook via Macrorie: 80 km plus ferry ride (25 minutes)

*Riverhurst Ferry: Leaves the east shore on the hour (Riverhurst side) and leaves the west shore on the half hour.

Total distance without Davidson: 250km

The Grand Circle Tour 2 days

Saskatoon to Outlook on Hwy219/15: 95km
Regina to Outlook on Hwy 11/15: 234km
Moose Jaw to Davidson on Hwy19/44: 58km
Moose Jaw to Elbow Hwy 2/42/367/19: 122km
Regina to Davidson on Hwy 11: 145km