Genereux Honey

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Lee and Judy run a mid-sized beekeeping operation right beside Broderick!

Lee and Judy run a mid-sized beekeeping operation right beside Broderick.  Honey production has been the traditional work of the farm although they are diving into more pollination work.  They work with other local businesses for pollination and product sales as well

Lee has been at this work for years, starting when he was just ten.  He currently produces over one hundred 650-pound barrels of honey a year.  Judy married into beekeeping and is more likely to work on extracting, marketing and baking than the field work.   The two also teach, although this year they have been away from the classroom, teaching their newest beekeeper, Ruth. 

This year, they are hoping the weather cooperates enough to show guests inside of hives and answer all bee and honey related questions.  Regardless of the weather, their honey house will be available to tour, with the infamous observation hive up and running—well suited to those a bit less comfortable with the hives in the yard!  The couple will have a variety of honey products available, from 500g to 294kg, as well as bulk beeswax.

SW23-29-7 W3rd, Broderick 

One mile south of Hwy 15 East of Broderick, turn South at Bennet Road

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