Happy Chance Treasures Art Gallery

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Happy Chance Treasures is an art gallery located in a cultural heritage site in Hawarden that showcases the unique talents of Saskatchewan artists. Owned by two young artists, Shawna Mitchell and Michael Ferguson, Happy Chance is a place for creative expression and connection.

Based in an historical site as a church built in 1926 in Hawarden, Happy Chance Treasures Art Gallery is a place for new beginnings. Opening the doors for the first time in 2020, owners and resident artists Shawna Mitchell and Michael Ferguson began with the goal of creating more community with local artists. This gallery promotes unique, up and coming Saskatchewan artists fueled by the love of art. Currently showing at the Gallery: Brenda Mitchell, Michael Ferguson, Rod Haugerud, Grant Armstrong, Leanne Read, Shawna Mitchell, Barb Wiwcharuk, Heather Collier, and Sally Knelsen. You can expect to see acrylic painting, watercolor painting, photography, colored pencil, sketching and charcoal work as well as metal art among the varied offerings on display.

Barb Wiwcharuk, soft material art with acrylic paintings

Brenda Mitchell, acrylic paintings, rock paintings, and photography

Michael Ferguson, acrylic paintings, watercolor, multi-media, cut and sew clothing

Rod Haugerud, metal art (3D and metal scratching)

Grant Armstrong, coloured pencil and canvas prints

Leanne Read, acrylic paintings

Heather Collier, handmade accessories, soaps, jellies, spice mixes, and wood displays/shelves/etc

Shawna Mitchell, acrylic paintings, charcoal/pencil portraits, oil pastel, watercolor

Sally Knelsen, acrylic painting

114 William St., Hawarden
Happy Chance Treasures Art Gallery

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