Husbandry Farms

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Husbandry Farms is a berry orchard and vegetable farm located on the outskirts of Outlook, just east of town on Hwy 15. It was born out of Ryan and Alicia Husband’s desire to return to the land, farm, and plant roots for their family.

They grow 8 acres of the super fruit, Haskap berries, but have also expanded into raspberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, garlic and flowers. The goal of Husbandry Farms is to grow and produce nutritious food and products that can help to fuel adventure and sustain busy lifestyles.

Come visit the farm, taste the unique flavour of Haskap berries, walk through the orchard, smell the flowers and maybe even pick some to take home. The Haskap berries won’t be ripe yet, but there will be Haskap berry products to sample.

The Husbands will have some friends and local artisans join them at the orchard. They make unique products out of wood, metal as well as delicious jams and jellies. There might be a few other surprises as well, so you will just have to come and see for yourself!

Located on Ordway Road, east of Outlook on Hwy 15

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