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Macrorie Succulents and Woods

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Millicent Leugner, Rose Kendall & Shirley Park

Millicent Leugner made her first cutting board in 2014 and was hooked! She has since gifted numerous boards to family and friends as well as showcasing them at local craft shows, with an Outlook retailer, as well as from her home in Macrorie. Check out her Facebook page, One of a Kind Cutting Boards, for videos on the process. Pretty yet practical, each unique board is handcrafted in her workshop with exotic hardwoods from all over the world. Her boards are hand-rubbed with a food-safe, beeswax salad bowl finish, ready for use in your kitchen and dining room. Charcuterie anyone?

Just six years ago, Rose Kendall was introduced to succulents and now her 8×16’ greenhouse is packed full of them. An art form in themselves, succulents offer a wide range of colours, shapes and textures. They are low maintenance and grow best outdoors during the summer months. Rose enjoys sharing her knowledge and talking with fellow enthusiasts through all of the markets and trade shows that are her usual venues. She looks forward to meeting you through the River and Rail Art Trail!

With 50 years of woodworking experience, Larry and Shirley Parks enjoy creating pens from local caragana and other imported woods. They also make very popular fairy houses. Promoting healthy choices is part of their passion for producing fresh and dried microgreens. They have a lifetime of experience in the greenhouse industry.

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