Succulents and Woods

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This group of three talented ladies share a venue in Outlook this year. Millicent Leugner loves making traditional charcuterie boards, but has challenged herself to create new and exciting shapes, including various farm animals, aquatic creatures, buildings and hearts.

The handcrafted boards are hand-rubbed with a food-safe beeswax finish. Her One-Of-A-Kind Cutting Board Facebook page displays the boards as well as videos on the process. She showcases them at craft shows, local retailers, and from her home. Pretty yet practical, each board is unique in its composition of exotic hardwoods. They make great gifts!

Retired and living on a farm near Outlook, Larry and Shirley Park spend time in their greenhouse and with woodworking. After 20 years of greenhouse experience, they grow fresh and dried microgreens for the health benefits and their own gardening, canning needs. With 50 years of combined woodworking experience, they create beautiful pens, keychains, and salt & pepper shakers from imported woods and locally sourced caragana. Shirley looks forward to meeting you during the 2022 River and Rail ArtVenture and would like to share her broad knowledge of microgreens and pen making.

Rose Kendall is passionate about growing succulents. Succulents are very versatile, available in various colours, shapes and textures, and can be planted in almost anything. Working with these plants is very satisfying. Give them an occasional drink, sit back, and watch them grow. You will find some unique arrangements and single plants to give as gifts or to add to your own collection.

Bring your own pot, and Rose will assist you in creating your very own masterpiece!

701 Prairie Ave, Outlook

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