PawPrints Personalized Embroidery

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“Her soul is fed with needle and thread.”

Sally Laidlaw loves textiles…the smell, the feel and the texture. She uses a variety of fibres and brings personalized items to buyers. She had attended many workshops involving fabric and fibre, blending many techniques into products that you will love.  Sally is always open to new ideas and will work closely with her customers to achieve optimum results.  Sally works in fabric, waxed canvas and fibre, creating machine embroidered work which includes pillows, bags, tea towels, and hot mitts, all offered at her home studio. As well, she creates beautiful quilted designs.

This year, Sally will be at the Outlook and District Heritage Museum as part of the Station Artisans.

Sally Laidlaw 3
100 Railway Ave.,
H: 306 867-4997 C: 306 961-6260
PawPrints Personalized Embroidery
Etsy: Paw Embroidery Designs

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