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Prairie Bees

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Lee & Judy Genereux

Tina Leverton

Lee’s Bees
Miss Bee Haven

A sweet treat on the River & Rail ArtVenture in 2021.


Lee and Judy Genereux team up with Tina Leverton and her daughters to share some of the many products their local bees help produce.  Both beekeepers have bees in the Outlook and Broderick region, using their own land and land that farmers offer up due to the benefits of pollination. The honey also helps sweeten the deal too!

Lee and Judy will feature the creamed and liquid honey their bees have been producing.

Tina and her family will feature candles, lip balms and hand lotions — and anything else their farm produces by spring!  Beyond the excellent items these beekeepers have to share, they are always willing to talk about their bees and show off their favourite pets.


SW23-29-7 W3rd, Broderick 

One mile south of Hwy 15 on Bennet Road

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