Prairie Bees

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Lee and Judy Genereux are teaming up with Brandy Moxham this year to highlight both the production of honey and beeswax and the by-products of having bees.

Lee and Judy keep hives in the Outlook and Broderick area, working with local farmers to ensure excellent hive placement.  They will have honey products available.  They’ll also show how the honey and wax can move from the beehive into our homes.  Brandy is new to the world of bees but has been spending much of her time working with their wax.  She will be featuring candles, lotions and soaps containing wax or honey.  All of these makers love to chat and will be able to answer any questions!

SW23-29-7 W3rd, Broderick 

One mile south of Hwy 15 on Bennet Road

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