Shirley Pringle

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Shirley Pringle was encouraged by her high school art teachers to apply to the Alberta School of Art. For three years there, she learned about the creative process through composition, anatomy, colour and painting techniques.

Since then, she has participated in all aspects of the art world through sculpting, ceramics, jewelry smithing and print-making. Shirley has worked creatively in acrylics for many years, covering all sizes of canvases with her imagination and renditions of the human face and soul. Her practice and her gallery reflect a thoughtful and imaginative creative spirit. A visit with Shirley is indeed an experience!

516 Main St.,

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  • Camille Parkman says:

    Hi Shirley! I heard from someone in outlook who did the art tour that you (or is it someone else in Loreburn?) sells Birkenstocks as well. Is that you? My husband is working out there for the next few days and I’m wondering if he can pop in and check them out. Thanks!


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