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A Single Strand Fibre Arts Studio

By March 23, 2021April 21st, 2021No Comments

Cathy Merkley & Tosha Sparks

A Single Strand Fibre Studio opened in Outlook last fall with a mix of alpaca yarns, fibre arts supplies and hand knitted and hand felted one-of-a-kind pieces including hats, scarves, mitts, shawls and sweaters.  We have fun things like baby booties, felted soaps, handmade lip balms and jewellery as well as printed t-shirts, hoodies and mugs.  We offer a variety of classes in dyeing, spinning, felting and knitting. 

Our motto is “learn, create, share, grow”. 

Cathy has owned alpacas since the last century and Tosha raises both sheep and alpacas.  We use the fleece from our own animals in our products.    Remember, it all begins with A Single Strand…

A Single Strand

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