Skudesnes Harbour

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Les Langager and Verna Urlacher began the Skudesnes Harbour journey back in October of 2010. Les and Verna belong to the little country church, Skudesnes Lutheran Church, located just outside of Loreburn, SK. Skudesnes has a heavy Norwegian heritage and derived its name from a harbour in Norway and you guessed it, called Skudesnes Harbour.

Les and Verna began their musical journey by playing for the congregation at Skudesnes Lutheran Church. Skudesnes Harbour did grow to a group of 7 for a few years but disbanded in 2017. In 2018, Martin Zdunich joined the group bringing his bass playing talents to the trio. His stand-up bass is very popular with young and old alike. Les and Verna bring the guitars and vocals to the group.

They love entertaining many local churches, seniors’ homes, long term care facilities, Sherbrooke Community Centre and even a wedding along the way. They enjoy playing all types of music but mainly focus on Country and Country Gospel. “We love the joy that the music brings to the people we play for and have gained some lifelong friends along the way. Although the pandemic has caused us to not be able to perform as much as we would love to, we still have been able to perform a few times in the last couple years. We look forward to seeing and catching up with old acquittances as well as meeting new faces this year on the River and Rail ArtVenture.”

534 Main St., Loreburn 

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