Timeless Instruments

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David Freeman began TIMELESS INSTRUMENTS in 1980 after years of playing and repairing instruments. His background includes pottery, drawing, sculpture, farming, wood working and MUSIC!

David taught a seven-week Lutherie Training Course for 35 years. In addition to mail-order Lutherie Supplies, he created custom-built string instruments through his company, TIMELESS INSTRUMENTS. This business incorporates many of the skills and techniques David draws on from his eclectic experiences.

Joining David on-site this year is Andrea Murphy, a movement artist and musician in Tugaske, SK. Through the practice of what she calls “Juggling for Self Realization”, Andrea trains in activities like juggling, hooping, fire dancing and stilt walking with the intention of developing mind-body awareness and, ultimately, embodiment. She has a background in yoga and martial arts, and applies principles and foundations from these disciplines into her performance when teaching others her style of prop manipulation and dance. Andrea, who also plays the trombone, can be found playing with her band “The Shorebirds” and other community bands or jams…sometimes while hooping!

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