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Tom Wilson Fine Art Photography

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Tom captures the spirit and the dramatic seasonal beauty of Lake Diefenbaker and its surrounding area from his home and studio in Elbow, Saskatchewan.

A lifelong musician and songwriter, Tom’s journey as a full-time photographer began at the time of the Winter Solstice in December, 2020, when the brilliant early morning sunlight inspired him to begin creating images with the colourful ‘shadows’ of that light streaming through various pieces of antique glassware.

The result of this quest was his ongoing ‘Shadows & Light’ series of photographic art, which led to becoming a regular contributing member of Switzerland-based FRAMES Magazine and other prominent international photographers’ groups.

Challenged by the work of many award-winning landscape photographers in the groups, Tom began spending more time with his camera on the beaches and hiking the Elbow Trail for inspiration. His dramatic images of Lake Diefenbaker and Saskatchewan’s “living skies” have won him numerous accolades and have been viewed by thousands of people around the world.

Tom’s photographic prints are available for sale and can be shipped worldwide.

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