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DaisyAnne Pottery Studio

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Cindy Megaw

DaisyAnne pottery is the creation of Cindy Megaw. The name is a combination of her
grandmothers’ first names and expresses her love of both as expressed through her pottery. As a happy coincidence it also includes her favorite flower – the daisy!

Cindy has been creating her pottery for 5 years now following her retirement from her
Montessori preschool. Making pottery has provided her with a way to express herself
through those things she creates. Working with clay has become a true labour of love
for her as she finds new ways to express old themes in the pottery world.

After having raised her family of 4 children, owned and operated her own Montessori
preschool, and managed and operated her family household, DaisyAnne pottery is the
next chapter in her life. The artistry, the expression, and the creativity, have always
been part of her life. Now, those elements are reflected in the things she produces.

She welcomes all to her studio at the corner of Aiktow and Aberdeen in Elbow. Stop
by with a coffee from Mugs Coffee Shop and see how the pottery is created. She
would love to share some time together and enjoy that which is the artistic community
of Elbow.

203 Aberdeen Street, Elbow

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